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General Principles of Multimedia Writing

Due Date #2, Due: Wed. 1/18/12 (11:59pm, MST)

drawing of the number 2

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Deadline = 44 raw homework points

  1. Go read/view all of your classmate’s introductions. In your blog reflect on what you read and watched. What stood out to you in terms of content? why? What stood out to you in terms of layout, design, and/or format? why? Whose introduction “sticks” with you the most? why? – 1 raw homework point
  2. Read Basics of Design (BoD), Chapter 2. Using Diigo, bookmark and annotated (take notes on) at least three websites/pages that supplement your understanding of BoD Chapter 2. Annotate and push your favorite of the three bookmarks to our Diigo group. –worth 7 raw homework points
  3. Add notes forBoD Chapter 2 to your Course Info mindmap.–worth 2 raw homework points
  4. Complete Rhetoric on the Town Assignment for Emphasis. Read THIS LINK for the Rhetoric on the Town Assignment Prompt.–worth 15 raw homework points
  5. Make an Animoto video that represents the following quote with images and music. Images should only come from Creative Commons search (consider using CompFight with the Creative Commons results setting, it’s in the left hand menu once you see results; watch THIS VIDEO for help). The music should only come from the Creative Commons music provided at the Animoto site. In your blog, link to your video and describe some of the images you selected and why. On the Animoto page of your video, provide some type of attribution for your images (use the notes area below the finished video)–4 raw homework points
    • Quote: “The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem of what to say and how to say it.” Edward R. Murrow
  6. Read the assignment prompt for Project #1 . Complete THIS FORM listing the top five web-based applications you want to do a one-page comic tutorial on. This will be on a first come, first serve basis; however, I may ask for folks to negotiate. -1 raw homework point
  7. Skim the following webpages about writing Instructions:
  8. Find at least 3 resources online about constructing/writing “instructions.” You may want to look at technical writing and business writing resources. Bookmark the resources in Diigo and in the notes area describe how the information in the site will help you with  Project #1. Push your favorite site, and your notes, to the Diigo class group. Consider searching in Google Books and/or looking for Online Writing Labs for help finding resources. – 7 raw homework points
  9. Add notes about writing instructions to your Course Info mindmap.–worth 2 raw homework points
  10. Even if you don’t know your topic for Project #1, go start playing in Glogster so you know how to use it! Remember, YouTube, Vimeo and Google are your friend! If you don’t know how to do something in Glogster, Diigo, or WordPress, first look at their HELP area then try finding a video or a help column.
  11. In your blog, reflect on your learning from deadlines 1 and 2. Go read your classmates’ blog postings. Reply to at least four different postings (by at least two different classmates; and at least of one each for D#2 HW#4 and D#2 HW#5). After reading and replying to your classmates, reflect on the work you did for these deadlines. How did the reading and work help you achieve the course outcomes?
    Post your blog entry with your reflection. Be sure to also list and link to the replies (4 total) that you made for the week (be sure to list both the name of your classmate as well as what assignment you replied to).–5 raw homework points

Remember to properly refer to your homework assignments when you are submitting them. Homework assignment titles have both the Deadline # and the HW# in them as well as a brief description of the assignment. They should look something like: “D#2, HW#9–Deadline #2 Reflection.

HINT: Please make sure that any time you provide a link to another website or blog page that you make it an active hyperlink. Check out this video.


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